Basically, there are basically 4 ways to make money with binary options trading. The 4 ways vary from each other and youcan use all 4 or whichever you feel is the best for you. This 4 ways include;

  1. Learning and Trading Yourself – This involves a lot of hard work, dedication and time. This is majorly for people who are looking to take trading as a profession and as a major source of income. There are great ways to improve your trading skill as a beginner, which I believe would be quite useful to every newbie trader out there.
  2. Signaling ServiceTrading With a Signaling Service – Binary options signals are signals sent to a trader to help them determine the direction of the price of an asset in other to make a profit. Knowing too well that it takes time and a lot of energy to analyze the market, this type suits people who just want to make money trading binary options but do not want to be involved in all the technical stuff or people who have other jobs and just want an extra income on the side.
  3. Trading With a Binary Options Robot – Binary options robots are software built to automatically trade for you. Here all you do is invest and the money is made on autopilot for you. This is for people who do not want to be too involved with trading but want to invest and make money from it. As good as this might sound, it is very hard to find a good auto-trading software that will really make money for you, as there are a lot of scam software out there and a few good ones like option robot. has taken it as a responsibility to make research and personally test out several binary options robots, to know which binary options robots are the best for investors.
  4. Copy Trading – Copy TradingThis is a form of trading whereby a trader automatically copies position opened and managed by a selected investor through a social trading network. This is a very good way to make a lot of money. Even as a pro trader, I still copy trade. I can’t catch all the opportunities in the financial market so I let other professionals who know what they’re doing and some who are better traders than I do it by copying their trades. I’ve made millions of dollars doing this alone.