What is a Binary Options Trading Scam?

Binary Options Trading Scam is a staged binary option criminal intended activity done in other to rip people of their money for personal financial gain.

How Binary Options Trading Scams Works

  • Creation of fake binary options trading website, broker or auto trading software
  • Creation of fake promotional videos to lure people to the scam
  • Then you’re asked for an initial deposit of $250 which you would lose after depositing

How To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Check if the broker involved is a licensed broker
  • Back off if the broker is continually calling you to deposit more money
  • Check if the broker has been found wanting for unethical practices
  • Never trust testimonials as they are illegal according to some regulators
  • Make your personal research before getting involved with any company


Binary Options Trading Scams are rampant, so it is essential to do your own findings before getting involved with any company.  Follow the instructions on how to avoid being scammed, and never be too excited by too good to be true offers as nothing good comes easy.