Forex TradingForex Binary Options are options that disentangle the complex forex enabling dealers/traders decrease their exposure to the unstable money market.

In forex binary options, a forex asset is used as the asset. For instance, You can you can invest in binary option with the underlying asset being the EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/GBP and any other currency pair.

Benefits of trading Forex Binary Options

Unlike Forex Trading, Binary Options Trading is not that complicated, it only requires you to determine if an asset would go higher or lower from its former position within a certain period of time. Trading binary options, you don’t get leveraged more than your actual investment amount, prompting drawdowns that wipe out your whole portfolio.

Is Binary Options Trading Restricted Only To Forex?

NO. Just as forex assets can be traded with binary options, you can as well trade binary options with other assets types like stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities.