Forex Trading Strategy Defined 

Forex trading strategy is a strategy used mainly by Forex brokers or Forex traders in determining if it is ideal to buy or sell a currency pair at a certain time. It is readily available on the internet, but a trader or broker can also make one on his own.

Furthermore, it is based on three elements which include

  1. Chart analysis
  2. News-based events
  3. Technical analysis.

Commonly, this Forex trading strategies are made up of trading signals which in return triggers the broker of a trader to either buy or sell. 

Forex Trading Strategy Broken Down

Generating trading signals using Forex trading strategies can either be manual or automated. It all depends on the choice or preference of the trader or broker.

The automated system makes use of algorithms which has the capacity of finding trading signals and execute it as well. These algorithms are developed by the trader or broker.

On the other side, when a trader chooses the manual system, he or she has to sit in front of the desktop in order to find out trading signals by himself which will help him decide whether it is a good time to buy or to sell. 

If a trader wishes to purchase a Forex trading strategy which is out of the shelf, he should be very keen enough as these trading strategies have track records which can’t be identified and verified easily. 

Developing a Forex Trading Strategy 

In the case that a trader or broker wants to develop his own trading strategy, he usually starts it with watching what other broker or traders do. For example, he was trading and he noticed that a certain currency pair has the tendency to resist the support that is being given. With that being noticed, the trader may improve the accuracy of the currency pair by adding some other elements. As time goes by, the trade may continue to improve and develop it for better accuracy and higher gains when used properly. 

A Forex trading strategy is made up of a number of components in order to make it effective. Such components include:

  1. Market Selection – Market Selection means that a trader needs to choose the currency pair where he wishes to trade and be familiar with how that certain currency pair works. 
  2. Size Positioning – Size Positioning means that a trader must determine the size of the of each currency or position to be traded in order to lessen the risk on each individual trade. 
  3. Points of Entry – Points of Entry refer to the governing rules devil by the trader which helps him determine whether it is a good or bad time to trade a certain currency pair for a long or short time. 
  4. Points of Exit – Contrary to the points of entry, the points of exit are the governing rules developed by the trader which helps him determine when it is high time for a given currency pair to get out of a short or long trading position. 
  5. Trading Tactics – Trading tactics refer to the rules that a certain trailer of brokers developed on buying or selling currency pairs in as much as it also helps in determining the execution technologies that is suited with the situation. 

When to Change Forex Trading Strategies? 

Generally, changing a Forex trading strategy is determined and greatly depends on its effectiveness and of course, on the personal choice or decision of the broker or trader.

Any Forex trading strategy is effective and useful when the set of rules that come with it is followed by the trader. But of course, not all Forex trading strategies are suited with any currency pair which means that it is really necessary that a trader or broker changes a Forex trading strategy when trading with a different currency pair.

The effectiveness of a certain trading strategy is lost once the rules of it are not followed. 

Changing strategy when needed is a good thing, but changing it every now and then is not ideal as it might ruin the whole thing and most probably, the one who uses it will have to shed out more money as well. 


Forex trading strategy plays a pivotal role in the online Forex industry. Such strategies can either be purchased or developed, in as much as these can be automatically or manually done. Using such strategies entail a lot of risks when not executed properly thus, traders should do it with the utmost care in order to avoid losing his assets.

Furthermore, a trader should only change strategy when it is badly needed as it takes time to familiarize with a certain trading strategy and it is costly as well.