Lexington Code is a scam binary options trading software created by Michael Lexington who originally lexington codedoesn’t exist, but rather a paid locally hired actor. The software just like other scam software was created to rip investors off their investment.


Software Information

Software – Lexington Code

Founder – Michael Lexington

Minimum Investment – $250

Potential Profit – $126,000 monthly

Lexington Code Scam

After a thorough investigation on the Lexington Code software, here is what we discovered;

Impossible Claims

The creators claim the software is capable of making people $126,000 on a weekly basis and that is equivalent to $1,512,000 a year, which is absolutely impossible. Such claims are to attract and lure investors into thinking they could make millions that easily and quickly with a mystery software.

Unclear Trading System

Having watched their promotional video over and over again, they had no clear explanation on how the software works and claimed it was built by some rocket scientist and that the system makes several small trades within a trade in exchange for a higher fixed amount. This clearly shows that the creators of the scam software do not have a clear concept of binary options trading.

Lexington Unclear Trading System

Fake Information

All the people used in the promotional video including the owner of the software, the programmer and all the testimonials,  were actually fake people, they are hired actors and actresses paid to play those roles.lexington code michael lexington

The actors and actresses involved are from London and are obviously not hired from Fiverr to prevent


It is clear that Lexington Code is a pure scam and was created by people who do not know the concept behind binary options trading in other to rip people of their hard-earned money. It is strongly advised to stay totally off Lexington Code to avoid losing your capital as there are other better auto-trading softwares available.