MetaTrader 5 or MT5 is an online multi-asset trading platform owned and licensed by Metaquotes Software Corporation. It is one of the most advanced trading platforms which enable traders to trade automatically with the help of trading robots. Furthermore, it also supports copy trading which means that traders can copy the trading techniques of successful traders. 

MetaTrader 5 Broken Down

Millions of traders use the MT5 platform due to its great features and a wide array of benefits. It offers clients a built-in trading robot, copy trading, virtual hosting service, a freelance database of strategy developers.

The number of users made it possible to build a community called the MQL5 Community wherein traders can download a great number of trading robots discuss trading strategies, communicate with one another, subscribe to trade signals and so much more. 

MetaTrader5 allow clients to trade in Forex, stocks and futures markets. It provides all the tools needed when trading for a successful financial trading. For global exchanges, MT5  provides cutting-edge functionality, powerful technical analysis tools, social trading and algorithmic trading as well. 

It also provides clients with an avenue to a more convenient trading as it offers mobile trading as well. With this, traders can actively trade with the use of their mobile phone or tablet. The mobile trading offered by MT5 has the exact same feature as the web trading. It is available for download for android and ios devices which enable traders to trade wherever they are. 

metatrader 5 devices

Advantages of the MT5 Platform

  • MT5 is a clear and easy to use trading platform. It is not really complicated, thus clients can easily manipulate it anytime they want. Everything in there is very easy to understand and it is very user-friendly at that. 
  • All charts and information will be updated in a real-time scenario. This is very important especially on or before live trading to lessen the risks.

Disadvantages of the MT5 Platform

  • MetaTrader5 might not be the best platform for novice traders. This is because of the advanced tools and features that it has. 
  • The access to all features will require a purchase. This means that traders cannot make sure of all its features not unless he purchases what is required. 


Definitely, MetaTrader 5 is one of the most respected trading platforms available today. The MT5 trading platform is known and considered as an updated and upgraded version of the MT4 trading platform.

The MT5 trading platform has a typical spread of 0.5 pips, with a leverage which can go as high as 1:500. It is equipped with over 3,000 markets. The MT5 trading platform basically has the same feature with MT4, but it has additional features which clients can enjoy every time they trade.