omnia app

The Omnia App is a typical binary option robot trading scam. The software was fabricated by scammers to swindle investors off their money. The scam is so obvious as it is similar to other exposed scam (Tesler App scam). Funny enough, they made use of the same paid actor which was used in another scam trading software

Software Information

Software – Omnia App

Founder – Matthew Hammersmith (Paid Actor)

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

Potential Profit – $5700 Daily

Omnia App Scam

After a thorough investigation on the Omnia App software, here is what we discovered;

Impossible Claims

They claim the software is capable of making people $5700 on a daily basis and over a million dollar in 6months. That is totally impossible and you’ll be ripped off every penny you invest in the scam software if you fall for the lies and exaggeration.

Fake Information

Their promotional videos contain a lot of lies and fall information. All the characters in the video are hired, actors and actresses.

Funny enough the owner who says his name is Matthew Hammersmith is originally Patrick Green who is a paid actor from Portland.Patrick Green The same Patrick Green was also involved with another scam binary options trading software called Satellite Trade App where he claimed to be the founder and CEO using the name Richard Heffner matthew hammersmith actor


The Omnia App software is obviously a scam and the creators clearly do not have a concept what binary options trading is all about. The scam software was only created to swindle an investors money. It is strongly advised to stay off Omnia App as there are other better auto-trading softwares available.