There are a lot of binary options trading scams out there wanting to rip people of their money for personal financial gain, and Satellite trade app is one of them. The satellite trade app, not being smart enough reused a promotional video of a previous scam called the GPS Trader.

Software Information

Software – Satellite Trade App

Founder – Unknown

Minimum Investment – $250

Potential Profit – $20,000 per day

Rating – 

Satellite Trade App Scam

After a thorough investigation on the Satellite Trade App software, here is what we discovered;

Impossible Claims

They claim the software is 100% accurate and capable of making people $20,000 on an daily basis which is totally impossible. Global satellite app scam2Now this where people should just turn around and stop listening to this scammers, but unfortunately people still fall for it.

No Specific Trading System

Funny enough, in the promotional video, these scammers could not give a specific system on how their scam software works, this shows that they themselves do not know the concept behind binary options trading, they are only looking to lure people into the scam for personal financial gain. Anyone who really knows what binary options are wouldn’t fall for this cheap scam.

Fake Information

All the testimonial are fake and the people used in the promotional video are actors and actresses. The lead actor is a guy called Patrick Green who is an actor from from Oregon Portland.Patrick Green

This Same Patrick Green was also involved with another scam binary options trading software called Satellite Trade App where he claimed to be the founder and CEO using the name Richard Heffner.matthew hammersmith actor


The Satellite Trade App software is obviously a scam and the creators clearly do not have a concept what binary options trading is all about. The scam software was only created to swindle an investors money. It is strongly advised to stay off Satellite Trade App as there are other better auto-trading softwares available.