The Wall Street Focus Group is big binary options trading software scam which unlike other scam binary options trading software did not exaggerate the potential profit that can be made with the software. The scam was fabricated to lure people into thinking it is legitimate while it’s not, their major aim is to swindle peoples money.

Software Information

Software – Wall Street Focus Group (Cobra5 Trading Software)

Founder – Jimmy Russo

Minimum Investment – $250

Potential Profit – $700+ daily

Wall Street Focus Group Scam

After a thorough investigation on the Wall Street Focus Group software, here is what we discovered;

No Trading System

After thoroughly watching their promotional video, it was noticed that there was no actual trading system or explanation on how the software really works, there was only just a part of a video where someone can be seen trading on a binary options broker.

Wall Street Focus Group scam

This clearly shows that the people behind the scam do not have a clear idea of what binary options trading is all about. They only set up the scam to steal peoples money.

Fake Information

All the people in the video are paid actors and do not exist as the name in which they used in the video. One of the characters David Lombardi in their promotional video who claimed to be the Head Project Manager of Wall Street Focus GroupDavid Lombardi also claimed that he is the project manager of several products which includes the Netflix Series – House of Cards, Snickers, and even Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, all that is a lie and the name doesn’t even exist. This shows that everything in the video is fabricated to lure people into thinking the fake software is legitimate but rather its a scam to swindle peoples money.


The Wall Street Focus Group software is obviously a scam and the creators clearly do not have a concept what binary options trading is all about. The scam software was only created to swindle an investors money. It is strongly advised to stay off Wall Street Focus Group as there are other better auto-trading softwares available.